House Beers & Winter Cheers..

Ahoy there shipmates!

well things are going from strength to strength here in sunny stapleford, no sooner had we celebrated our best week since we began trading (which for those of you that don’t know, was back in the heady days of 2003) we were honoured to be asked to brew the house beer for the newly refurbished and re-opened Horse & Jockey in Stapleford, Karl knocked them up a gorgeous pale ale that has been flying off the bar in a fine style!

We’re pleased to report that our Monster Mash festival went swimmingly with many a scary herbert in attendance, with just enough festive halloween flavour to keep the locals entertained, and the lessons learned bode well for our 10 year anniversary celebrations next year. Watch this, that or the other space, it’ll be large..

Nottingham festival came and went, and to our shame, we were too busy selling beer to notice, and while i’m sad that we didn’t get the opportunity to schmooze, we aren’t going to complain.. the VAT man cometh..

For all of you that like that kind of thing, we’re currently working our way through putting ALL of our past pump clips on line at and I’d encourage people of a real ale persuasion to come and visit our web hotel and tell us what you think, we’d like to do interesting things, the beer calendar is still under development 😛

We’ve definitely got into our rhythm back, so expect to see plenty of seasonals and one off brews in the coming months!

Tally ho!

Illuminated Drinking

Ahoy shipmates! ..well the last few months have been exitement incarnate.. after the success of our last three new brews, Kaptain Karl sharpened his brewer’s pencil (available from all good apothecaries 1.99 (2.99 with rubber)) and came up with a beer to shake the world, er actually enlightened hostelries north and south but you get the picture (see picture like.. ), Illuminati, a Pale Ale to make grown men weep (well this one anyway), put down that pint of ‘Owd Stoat’, publicans exclaim “the fastest selling beer we’ve ever had” (he really said that!).. check the new ‘Bar Calendar’ coming soon to what’s on which bar where in real time! We’ve had a lot of positive festival action of late, Full Mash’s feature fest at The Crown Inn Beeston sold out on the saturday night, Red Dog & Illuminati represented for us at Peterborough this year, and the mighty Warlord was very well received at GBBF… Talking of Festivals, it’s been a while since we’ve had one of our own, so prepare yourselves for the Monster Mash, a sort of, not quite Halloween booze up of majestic proportion. Twenty real ales glommed from far and wide, with vintage horror on the big screen, dress up for those who are that way inclined, no glass charge, just turn up and drink, all to be held on October 25th to the 28th at The Stumble Inn Long Eaton, cheers Martin! Now then what about those specials for the Nottingham Beer Festival…

News and Brews

Ok people, as this is our first official blog, we’ll be covering quite a bit of ground..

First up news.. and there’s quite a bit, we have a new crew member, in the shape of edd ‘the gladman‘ , who has stepped in to take matters of sales and customer contact in hand, funny really as he only came round to fix up the website initially, but he believes in what we’re doing here, he likes beer (more and more as the weeks progress) and he quite likes talking to people on the telephone, (so if you need any beer give him a shout on 07729924065 or email, this frees up Karl to do all of the important boring officey type stuff, and buy more Captain Beefheart CD’s and I’d like to say gives Chris more time to sex insects, but unfortunately it probably means he’ll have to brew even more beer, talking of which this month we brewed three new beers, and our Chris is starring on the pumpclip for one of them…

Red Dog is a 3.8% Amber Ale with a hint of red, slightly malty, good hop aroma & flavour, smooth with a bitter finish.

Oobie Do is a 4.0% Pale Ale with subtle bitterness and a citrus hop aroma.

Hoxton Bonnet is a 4.2% Pale with a full bodied hop flavour and a subtle refreshing almost fruity nose and finish.

Our first steps back into bottling were quite eventful, and for the most part got rave reviews, save a few bottles that were slightly overconditioned, and to quote one tester “the head was climbing out of the glass” (**thinks.. OK.. maybe we don’t need to prime the bottles next time**)

this week we will be bottling up two of the new brews, Red Dog and Hoxton Bonnet for your drinking pleasure, a list of outlets will be forthcoming when we are 200% happy with the product..

Full Mash Beers are appearing at more festivals than we can actually keep track of at the moment:

Apparition, Seance, Warlord & ESP at the Haddenham Real Ale Festival July 7th

Nottingham Food & Drink Real Ale Marquee In the Old Market Square 4th-8th July

and our old favourite Warlord is appearing at The Great British Beer Festival at Olympia in August, with a cask of E.S.P.  to keep the troops happy!

Last but certainly not least we have all of our new beers and a couple of old favourites appearing at The Crown Inn Beeston’s mini Full Mash Festival, Friday 6th & Saturday 7th of July.

Mash it up!